David’s mission

My core interest is in getting young people into “meta-cognitive” thinking: encouraging them to think about how they know stuff, what sources are reliable, what’s really out there, and why they should bother worrying about it all. For some of us that sums up the mission of philosophy in general. That’s why I got into teaching that subject in the late 1990s. That’s why I want to spread the teaching of this subject more broadly, in whatever forms it happens to take, to schools and clubs for teenagers in as many parts of the world as possible. I figure that this is my best shot at making the world a better place. The more kids think carefully about their lives, the less they’ll be fooled into doing stupid things to themselves and others, and the safer this world will be for all of us.

I’m happy to work with anyone who shares these goals, within my human limitations, and I’m happy to accept partners and contributors from any part of the world and any ideological background who are more committed to enabling an honest search for truth than promoting their own ideological agenda. If you happen to be either, be in touch. If you want to know more about me as a person, feel free to ask.


For those of you who wish to donate to the cause:

If you would like to help motivate me to get more written here, or if you feel like showing deeper appreciation for the stuff I manage to produce here “on the side,” or you would like to help sponsor my doctoral studies (as I haven’t got any grants coming as of yet), any little financial contribution you could afford would be appreciated. For this purpose the most convenient system is to transfer funds by way of the IBAN system to account: FI87 5410 5020 0308 23, with the bank identification code (BIC) OKOYFIHH. I can’t offer any tax write-offs, but I can promise to use whatever you might send to do “the Lord’s work” as outlined above more freely and energetically. Thanks for thinking of me in this way!



One response to “David’s mission

  1. Great idea for making the world a better place! As a new member to a Socrates Cafe group, I am just learning the art of philosophical discussion. As a mother of 4 kids in their 20s, I am invested in the process of asking people how they think. As a former dogmatic Christian, I am open to expanding my view of…everything. Good luck with your blog!

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