Me and Time

I still haven’t finished with the office cleaning part of my current responsibilities that I gave as a reason for posting a rather brief blog (by my standards) last week, but I’m getting there; and I did get quite a bit of other stuff taken care of this past week, but not entirely enough. So once again I have to make this a short one and get back to all the varieties of “real work” that are waiting for me. There’s just not enough time…

Time is actually pretty funny stuff. Or if I anthropomorphize, time and I have a very complex relationship. I don’t always use what time I am given to the greatest possible advantage, and time doesn’t come to me in the ways I often need it to. It’s ebb and flow never cease to amaze me with their irregularity!

Now of course part of this has to do with being an extreme type P when it comes to the MBTI scale. My blog here is one of many things that I sort of spontaneously make up as it goes along. Many times I try to cram too much into certain periods of time, and of course it comes back to bite me. Then again, sometimes there are things to be done that can make a difference in terms of improving life as we know it, and other times we just have to sit back and not fight the inevitable. Sometimes we are in a position to change our worlds; other times we are not. Ideally I’d like those opportunities and inevitabilities to space themselves just a tad more regularly in my life. Thus my rather complicated relationship with time.

I currently count 5 major project areas in my life which need to be attended to within the next few weeks to keep myself out of trouble in one level of severity or another. That leaves no excuse for solitaire, random web surfing, TV sit-coms and adventure shows and any other customary “waist of time”. Some would count this blog and my on-line interactions with friends around the world as further things I should be cutting back on if not eliminating these days. But then start thinking of other aspects of time: time as a test of what really has importance and what doesn’t. Which of these looming project deadlines involves matters that will ultimately “stand the test of time”? When it comes down to it, I suspect my writing and my on-line friendships are at least as likely to be remembered in the next generation as anything else I need to get done now.

The flow of time, like a river, is an over-used metaphor, but some part of it holds true. I can make some difference in the lives of the students I’m teaching this year, but inevitably they will grow up and move on regardless of what I do. The boxes left un-ticked on their records will only be important if such forms enable them to, or prevent them from being able to, accomplish the great things they are capable of. The rest will inevitably be swept away by the flow of time. The same applies to all of my other current concerns: some relate to things that could significantly affect the world I live in; others far less so. Time is my friend in terms of cleaning up after me continuously, and sweeping away what ultimately doesn’t matter.

But as trivial as some of these things are in the big scheme of things, all things in moderation and with some attempt to maintain a sense of honor and respectability within my current cultural context, I should now sign off here for this time and get back to matters that various others consider to be important. The fact that most of it will be forgotten and irrelevant a year from now does not negate the fact that, as Frost so eloquently put it, “I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.”

Until next time then…


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