I’m making this a much shorter entry than usual this weekend, on account of some major tasks and transitions that I need to get taken care of just now. I don’t feel like making any public statements about everything happening in my life just now, other than that as part of the whole situation I need to empty out my home office, which is approximately 15 cubic meters of scattered papers from the past 2 years of teaching and writing, with under-lying sub-strata of papers going back to the mid-90s. Then there are my dead computers and accessories, and under all that are my most functional and least aesthetic items of furniture. That has to be emptied out and dealt with now.

So rather than lecturing about philosophical concepts or social principles, I leave you with the questions that I have to confront in digging through that office space: What makes things worth holding onto? When should we give up on fixing things? What materials that we cling to with hopes of them playing a role in our future happiness are worth saving… even if those future scenarios never actually play out? How do we really draw the line between our private areas of chaos and our responsible public personae? At what point does the clutter of one’s (mental and physical) world become a health and fire hazard?

I’ll be sorting through those things in both literal physical and figurative emotional senses this weekend, and over the coming week. If anyone has some profound insights that you feel might be applicable, please do not hesitate to share.

(And BTW, the same principles will need to be applied to the poor microbus in the picture later this spring.)



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2 responses to “Reorganizing

  1. Juuso

    I have the same problem at my workingroom… auts and the same philosofical problem to solve!

  2. Lyman Grover

    Being in a different age bracket than you, I probably have different ideas about saving ‘stuff’. For instance, I have a sail kit I haven’t used since I sold the rowboat it was made for 8 years ago. I think I’m keeping it in hopes I magically become agile enough to sail a tippy little boat from which could easily find myself in the water rather than on it. That’s just one of the things I’m saving that I most likely will never use again. Another is my old backpack…

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